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20 July 2008 @ 06:37 pm
So the weekends at sandy lake are pretty uneventful. Or maybe that's just because i chose NOT to go to the Muddy Waters Music Festival.
I don't know, I was very tempted by the terrible music (I know because I could hear it from my apartment the previous nights), the actually muddy waters the festival is held at and the mosquitoes, but somehow I still refrained from going.

So today my assistant told me all about this girl who used to live on Sandy Lake and now lives in Winnipeg. Of course she referred to her as a "lady" but that's how she refers to all females above the age of 18. (According to my assistant, they are either "Ladies" or "Guys" even if the said Ladies are baby Mamma's to 8 kids with 7 different fathers. )So anyway, she was on the internet in between patients and all of a sudden she says: do you know this lady? So I look at the monitor and she's on some social networking site that she describes as being similar to facebook and myspace. Then she proceeds to tell me that this "Lady"'s name is April and that she' really rich and is always "in limousines" (!! such a sign of opulence.) Anyway, so she shows me pictures of Lady April and the girl is totally skanked out lying in a bed with 20$ bills all around her on the bed. So the story goes like this:

Lady April apparently used to live in Sandy Lake up until a few years ago. While in Sandy Lake, she got married and popped out  6 or so kids. She's 26 years old right now by the way. Then she up and left the reserve and her kids to go to the big city of Winnipeg. There she started a smuggling business of bringing over Percocets, Percodans and Vicodins to the reserves. These pills apparently sell for upwards of $90 EACH!!
Oh but it gets better, she got re-married in Winnipeg to some new ex-reserve dude. The the original baby daddy joined her in Win-town and they all live together. (WHAT.THE.EFF? There was a picture of them in this site where the two dudes are toasting bears???!!) So I asked what's going on with the kids and I was told that their grand-mamma is watching over them or something. Anyway, so apparently everyone knows she's the main one behind the trafficking of narcotics but they can never actually catch something on her when she flies in. But how hard can it actually be to hide some little pills? you put them in an old Tylenol pakcage. Anyway, I saw the search crew at the shack they call the airport and you could pass off an AK-47 as a water gun if you wanted to.
The important thing I forgot to mention is that they search your bags when you land in the reserve. They search for drugs and alcohol-which also is illegal here.

So these are the sort of things that happen in this part of country.

I cannot wrap my mind around all that I see here. It would be a little more easy to comprehend if I had travelled to a third world country and witnessed this but to see it in Ontario, Canada is incredible.

OT: Cocktail is on TV...what a horrible movie. That's pretty much all I have to say. As well as the fact that I can't look away from Tommy Girl's totally messed up upper Midline.
16 July 2008 @ 10:16 pm
so day two at sandy lake.
eating unsalted tops out of boredom...why do they even make "unsalted" tops?? and shouldn't they be called "unsalted SALTED tops"???
they taste like paper mache.

so today the xray machine decided it needed some time off...so that was awesome. basically i handed out drugs to patients.

so i have not ventured outside of the nurses's building today...no need to. and it's too dusty/mosquitoey/hot outside. so i have nothing too interesting to report on.

(totally OT- Big Love, why the hell is Chloe Sevigny so ugly?? and yet so so fitting in the role of the second wife. )

my more normal roommate left today and the stranger one who sits in the dark and watches tv is leaving tomorrow. so i think i might have this place to myself for a few days. until more "strange ones" come to join me.
oh the roommates were commiserating today about their horrible flight experiences on tiny propeller planes like the ones that will be taking us away from this place to a slightly less horrid place known as sioux lookout. this was NOT a conversation i should have overheard. the weirder roommate divulged that on one of the trips the plane was banging around so much he actually got a concussion from hitting his head on the plane. WHAT-THE-FUCK?
i'm trying not to think about this now. especially since the 8-seater planes are the only way out of this place. normally i'd pop a couple of Gravol and just basically pass out but this flight is only 1-2 hours long: not long enough to fall asleep and be sleepy for a few hours afterwards and quite long enough to get completely motion sick.

anyway. i'm counting down the days until i can return to civilization. 9 days to go.
15 July 2008 @ 11:06 pm
so i arrived via an eight seater this morning. i never imagined i'd voluntarily get on a plane that seats 8 people. what the fuck is that about? so it was moderately turbulent and i didn't have to vomit AND we landed without the emergency landing protocol...so i consider that a winning situation. considering.
my new digs at the nurses station are clean enough.  there's two strangers living next to me. what the hell? my room doesn't lock. so basically they could be murderers or rapists or serial pee artists (as in they might decided to randomly enter my room and pee on my bed or belongings then walk out....i don't know, they may exist!)
this place makes me want to cry. for several reasons 1) their lives are sooo sad and dirty and dusty, 2) no one has a full set of teeth, even 8 year olds are missing teeth, 3) everyone either has type 2 diabetes or is working their way to it, 4) (this is one is selfish i admit) i have to be here for another 10 days.

anyway. so it's apparently bed time (it's 10 pm) since my roomies have gone to bed (or so they claimed) hours ago and i guess for lack of a better thing to do i'll go to bed too.